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Types of Plans Serviced
Single employer Pension
Multi-employer Pension
Public Pension
Non-qualified Deferred
Compensation (SERP)
Retiree Medical (OPEB)
Annual Valuation Services
Consulting Services
About Dave Dougherty
Thirty Years of Experience
David Dougherty, FSA
Retirement Plan Actuarial Consultant
Dave’s unique combination of technical and communication skills are needed in today’s difficult pension landscape.
Experience with both small and large plans.
Dave Dougherty brings more than 30 years of retirement plan experience to his consulting practice. That experience includes large and small plans, qualified and nonqualified arrangements, and public, single and multi-employer plan sponsors.

Dave established a private consulting practice in 2010 after leading the highly respected benefits firm of Dougherty Petroff Associates (DPA). DPA was acquired by StanCorp Financial Services (NYSE: SFG) in 2007.  His current.enterprise provides actuarial services to defined benefit and cash balance plans, supplemental executive retirement plans, and retiree medical arrangements...
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Typical Types of Clients
Sponsors.  Corporate or Taft-Hartley.

Plans.  Pension, Cash Balance, SERP, Retiree Medical. 

Investment Advisory Firms.  Large firms working with large pension plans.

ProVal Pension Software Users.
Special Expertise
David Dougherty, LLC
Plan Administration
ASC 715 (original FASB Statements 87, 88, and 106) governs accounting related to the calculations and disclosures entities provide under U.S. GAAP in connection with their defined benefit pension and other postretirement benefit plans. Primary deliverables include the determination of net period benefit cost and the required year-end financial statement disclosures.
We have extensive experience assisting plan sponsors with the process of terminating a defined benefit pension plan. The PBGC standard termination process involves adherence to a strict timeline for notices and filings. We will also work with outside terminal funding advisors to achieve the best settlement of the plan's obligations.